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Times Tables

It is national curriculum requirement of learning the times tables in primary school. Year 2 should learn times tables of 2.5,10 up to 12.Year 3 Should learn 3,4,8 up to 12.
While all students at the end of Year 4 should learn all their times tables up to 12*12.These learning quizzes will help to learn and assessment of times tables.

Math Games

Math Alien Game The game Math Aliens is designed to help improve your ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly. The first think you do when playing the game is select the difficulty you would like to play on. Lets Play….


EYFS(Reception) Worksheets PDF

EYFS covers the nursery and reception year.This stage covers the children age three to five years old and is the first stage of their educational stages. According to  The School Run.com “The Foundation Stage recognizes that children need to be able to use concrete experiences to provide the building blocks for their learning, so with that in […]

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Today I’m sharing a free printable Year(2017) in Review for Kids. This is a great activity to keep in kids memory box to look back on in year 2017. CLICK ON THE SHEET TO DOWNLOAD IN PDF-FREE!   I thought it would be fun to practice this worksheet not only to memorise their feelings and […]