Maths Games

1-Alien Math Games

The game Math Aliens is designed to help improve your ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly. The first think you do when playing the game is select the difficulty you would like to play on.


You start out by picking the type of math you would like to practice (addition, subraction, multiplication or division).

Once you’ve chosen the type of math you would like to practice, you move on to selecting your difficulty level. Beginner has you adding only small numbers. It is primarily for kids who are currently in the process of learning their math tables. The aliens move slowly, and there is usually only one on the game screen at a time.

The Intermediate difficulty has larger numbers than the Beginner difficulty. You need to be able to do math with two digit numbers on this difficulty. The aliens still move fairly slow, so speed is not yet critical.

On the Advanced difficulty, the numbers get larger and the aliens come more quickly. You should play advanced if you are pretty good at arithmetic, but you would like to be able to improve the speed at which you can do math.

Impossible is really difficult, and only should be chosen by players who are already really good at arithmetic. Play Impossible if you want to see just how good you really are.