Year 3

National Curriculum of Math -Year 3

We have designed the Year 3 Maths Worksheets on the basis of latest National Curriculum. The focus of mathematics in Year 3 is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value.Year 3 Programme of Study is divided into three parts.

  1. Numbers.

  2. Measurement.

  3. Geometry.

    • Properties of shapes.

    • Positions and directions.

  4. Statistic

                                           Year 3 Maths Worksheets

You can  get the details of  requirement and download worksheets by clicking their relevant sections below.


Year 3 Number Worksheets are available here. Year 3- Write Numbers up-to 1000 in words WorksheetNew-Year 3 Worksheets to write …
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Addition and Subtraction

Year-3-addition-subtraction Year-3-Assessment Paper 1.Assesment Year 3-Commutative Property Check WorksheetNew Year 3 Worksheet to check commutative property of addition,subtraction, multiplication and …
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Multiplication and Division

Year 3 Multiplication and Division Worksheets are available here. Times tables of 3,4 and 8 Display.Times tables of 3,4 and …
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Fractions worksheets for Year 3. Year 3-Equivalent fractions of small denominators.Year 3-Equivalent fractions of small denominators on number line.Fractions Colour …
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Measurement Worksheets for Year 3 Year 3 -Convert kilogram and gram Worksheet.Year 3 -Convert kilogram and gram Worksheet.measurement Year 3 …
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Geometry Worksheets for Year 3 Recognize-2D-Shapes-worksheet Recognize-2D-Shapes-Year 1Recognize-2D-Shapes-Year 1 WorksheetsGeometry Math Year1 starworksheet-site-icon star-worksheets header image (1) star-worksheets header image …
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Position and Directions Worksheets for Year 3. Year 3-Geometry-Position-of-objects-worksheetYear-3 Position of objects on a grid worksheet.Geometry position …
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Worksheets for Year 3 Statistic are available here. Interpret Data using Bar ChartStatistics …
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