Year 1 Measurement Worksheets are available here.

The key concepts to know in Year 1 about measurement are as follows

  • The standard units to measure length and height in any direction are centimeters(cm) and meters(m).
  • The standard units to measure mass or weight are  kilograms(kg)and grams(g).
  • The standard unit  to measure temperature is Centigrade (°C).
  •  The standard units to measure capacity  are liters(L)and milli liters (ml).
  • In order to measure thess units we use rulers, scales, thermometers and measuring vessels for different things.

Star fact:

  1. There are 100 centimeters(cm) in 1 metre (m).i.e 100 cm = 1 m.
  2.  There are 1000 milliliter (ml) in 1 L i.e 1000 ml=1 L.


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Mesuring length in cm/m
This worksheet is used to practice measuring the length in cm/m.