Year 1

National Curriculum of Math -Year 1

The principal focus of mathematics in Year 1 is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. Year 1 Programme of Study is divided into three parts.

  1. Numbers.
  2. Measurement.
  3. Geometry.

We have designed our worksheets for Year 1 on above mention programme of study which is the  latest national curriculum of England.You can download worksheets by clicking their relevant sections below.

Year 1 Maths Worksheets

Year 1 Number & Place Value Worksheets


Year 1 number & place value worksheets are available in this section.We will first describe the programme of study and ...
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Addition Subtraction

Year 1 Addition & Subtraction Worksheets Programme of Study.  Read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) ...
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Multiplication and Division

Year 1 Multiplication and Division Worksheets. Click On the Worksheet Image to download in PDF format. New-Year 1 Multiplication Two ...
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Year 1 Fractions Worksheets are available here. Know about fractions for kids in year 1. What is fraction? A fraction ...
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Year 1 Geometry Worksheets Recognize-2D-Shapes-Year 1Recognize-2D-Shapes-Year 1 WorksheetsGeometry Math Year1 Year-1-Match 2D and 3D shapes Names Worksheet2D-3D Name Match Worksheetshapes ...
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Positions and Directions

Year 1 Position and Direction Worksheets are available here. Click on the worksheet Images to download Free. year-1-movement-worksheetsYear 1- Movement ...
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Year 1 Measurement Worksheets are available here. The key concepts to know in Year 1 about measurement are as follows ...
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