Number and Place Value

Numbers are introduced in EYFS. Our worksheets are designed in such a ways that student recognize and learn the number in order and in very familiar context.We focus that students count reliably up to 20 in every day life.Our resources enable the kids to learn the numerals from 1 to 9.We use various ideas to develop these skills.

You will find the counting practice worksheets here from 1 to 5 then from 1 to 10.We have designed worksheets for ordering and comparing numbers.We introduced the concept of one more and one less than in this section.So please feel free to download.Our all worksheets are free.You can enjoy as much as u like.

You can click here to find lots of activities for children in EYFS. They provide lots of Early Years Foundation Stage Activities which are  related to Early Year Foundation Stage Frame Work.

You may also wish to look at our Early Years and Stage 1 Curriculum Mapping document, which links Star worksheets tasks to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the Key Stage 1 Mathematics National Curriculum in England.