Worksheets of Math - Free to Download! 

We developed free Math and English worksheets. Math is a very important subject at primary school. It is practiced throughout the whole  school year.

Our  worksheets have designed according to the latest National Curriculum. We have covered the various topics e.g. numbers, fractions, geometry, algebra and ratio.Our Math and English Worksheets provide latest national curriculum support.Pupils have great opportunity to learn and practice their math and improve their skills. So get ready to download our free worksheets and grab your paper and pencil to start. You can download the latest National Curriculum from here.

Our website offering a vast selection of FREE printable Math and English  worksheets for children aged from 4-11 years.
Math worksheets currently include addition, subtraction, number bonds, times tables, number sorting, and much more.
All worksheets are provided as PDF documents for easy printing.



Star Worksheets All worksheets of Reception class are carefully designed according to latest National Curriculum.Please visit following sections to download ...
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Year 1

National Curriculum of Math -Year 1 The principal focus of mathematics in Year 1 is to ensure that pupils develop ...
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Year 2

Year 2-math National Curriculum of Math -Year 2 The principal focus of mathematics  in year 2 is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and ...
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Year 3

National Curriculum of Math -Year 3 We have designed the Year 3 Maths Worksheets on the basis of latest National Curriculum. The focus of ...
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Year 4

    Year 4 National Curriculum   In Year 4, pupils should develop their ability to solve a range of ...
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Year 5

National Curriculum of Math  The principal focus of mathematics in year 5 is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with ...
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Year 6

                     Programme of study. In Year 6, pupils should be fluent ...
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