18th January 2018 Off By star worksheet

This worksheet is designed to practice contraction words, part of the latest nationwords with contracted currriculum.In year 2 students should learn to spell new words with contracted form.
Here is a list of few contraction word
WORDS (negating a verb) CONTRACTION
is not isn’t
are not aren’t
was not wasn’t
were not weren’t
have not haven’t
has not hasn’t
had not hadn’t
will not won’t
would not wouldn’t
do not don’t
does not doesn’t
did not didn’t
cannot can’t
could not couldn’t
should not shouldn’t
might not mightn’t
must not mustn’t

This worksheet is based on the following curriculum guideline for Year 2

Spell by learning to spell more words with contracted forms.

Here are some more contraction words for more able students of Year 2.
I’m I am
I’ll I will
I’d I would
I’ve I have
I’d I had
Some with You..
you’re you are
you’ll you will
you’d you would
you’ve you have
you’d you had