Year 5

Year 5

National Curriculum of Math 

The principal focus of mathematics in year 5 is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers,counting and place value.Year 5 Programme of Study is divided into three parts.

  1. Numbers.
  2. Fractions.
  3. Measurement.
  4. Geometry.

We have designed our worksheets for Year 5 on above mention programme of study which is the  latest national curriculum of England.You can download worksheets by clicking their relevant sections below.

Year 5 Maths Worksheets

Numbers and Place Values

Worksheets related to Number,Counting and Place Value for Year 5 are available here. Year 5-Complete-the-pattern-Worksheet Year-5-Complete-the-pattern-of-numbers- Worksheet Write-6-digit-numbers Write-5-digit-numbers. Roman …
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Addition and Subtraction

Worksheets related to Addition and Subtraction for Year 5 are available here. Subtraction-with-4-dgit-number Mental-addition-pattern estimation-the-sum-by-rounding. 5-digit-column-subtraction 5-digit-column-addition …
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Multiplication and Division

In Year 5, pupils should be taught about the following key concepts. Here we define and explain these new multiplication …
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Worksheets related to Fractions for Year 5 are available here. Year 5 -Multiplication of Improper Fraction with mixed number and …
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Worksheets related to Measurement for Year 5 are available here. Unit-conversion-worksheet-year 5 Year 5-Length Unit Conversion Worksheet with answers …
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Worksheets related to Position for Year 5 are available here. No Post found …
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Worksheets related to Geometry for Year 5 are available here. Year 5-Geometry-properties-of-shapes Worksheet Year 5-Identify_3D_shapes_from_2D_represetntion. Idnetify Acute Obtuse and Right …
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Worksheets related to Statistics for Year 5 are available here. Year 5 – Handling Data By Line Graph Method Worksheet …
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